Photo galeries, slideshows, videos, maps & other media – Widgetkit

Most of the media embeds on the site are handled by Widgetkit, a powerful & versatile plugin that handles all kinds of media types. Widgetkit can allow you to embed slideshows, maps, accordion panels, videos, Twitter feeds and loads more stuff. Its kind of the “swiss army knife” of media on our network sites.

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How to use Widgetkit on your site

Widgetkit Manager

To embed media on the site, you first need to create a Widget, which you can then re-use through the site through WordPress. This is done via the Widgetkit Manager.

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Display Widgetkit on the site

There’s two main ways to display Widgetkit items on your site – you can either use a shortcode or a sidebar widget. Shortcodes are typically used in content items (for example in between paragraphs in your main content area), while sidebar widgets appear as blocks on your site’s sidebar (if it has a sidebar).

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