Pre-launch checklist

Before making your site live, there’s a basic list of things you should do to make sure your site is as good as it can be.

The Pre-launch checklist

1 – Check that all your pages have relevant & useful page titles

Using the built-in SEO tools, ensure your page has relevant and useful titles. This particularly important on the homepage, as it’s the main way people will get an idea of what your page is about from search engines.

wordpress seo settings panel

2- Optimise your images

When uploading images to your site, make sure the images are named properly. So for example “fashion-show-group-shot-2014.jpg” is a much better name than “image1.jpg” or “DSC-698.jpg” for example. This is a very important SEO principle, as image searches can greatly boost your site’s traffic.

Also, ensure all images have the right alt tags – this helps with SEO but also accessibility and screen readers.

3 – Ensure your contact form is working, and has a valid email address

If your site has a contact form, make sure it’s configured properly and it’s sending emails to the right address. Just send a few test emails until you’re definitely receiving enquiries to the right place.

4 – Test your website on your smartphone

Access the site on your phone, and make sure everything is as you expect it. Quite a few people are likely to access your site from a smartphone.